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Send real letters from the Internet

PC2Paper enables you to send real letters online.

Letter sending

How does it work?

We enable you to send real letters from the Internet and we've been doing this for over 10 years.

When you sign up for a free PC2Paper account you top-up your account with money to help cover the costs of sending letters. Your letters can be written online or uploaded as a PDF created in your favourite word processor from your PC or Dropbox account, alternatively you can use our Email2Letter gateway or API's to send letters via our service. 

On sending your letter the site gives you the option to choose what stationery your letter is printed on, the envelope and what class or (where available)special delivery options you'd like to use. The site automatically works out the cost of your letter and deducts this from the funds in your PC2Paper account.

Our Write Letter interface work with Google Drive™ and Dropbox™

Works with Google Drive                                      Works with dropbox


Why send letters online?

  • Save time - Think of all the time you will save by not having to go to the post office?
  • No need for stamps and paper -There's no need to keep a supply of stamps and paper, not to mention having to purchase ink for a printer.
  • Keep a record - With PC2Paper you can easily see all the letters you have sent online, all in one place.
  • Use if from anywhere - Use PC2Paper anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection



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