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PC2Paper originally operated as a sole trader business for over 14 years until transitioning over to becoming a limited company in April 2016.

Our vision and how we started

Trying to send a letter quickly one afternoon from an office and realising there were no postage stamps or envelopes available followed by a trip to a stationery shop and a wait in the queue at the post office raised the question "There must be a better way" and "Why can't I do this online?". Surprisingly a quick check at the time on the Internet (we used Yahoo back then), we made the discovery no one was doing this online in the UK. PC2Paper was born.

From the beginning we have tried to make PC2Paper everything we would have wanted out of sending postal mail from the Internet. We wanted it to be simple, effortless and affordable. Our goal is to be the best at what we do and to constantly evolve our site and business to meet the needs of our customers.   We are not the biggest company in the industry and specialise in supporting mailings that don't usually fit with larger providers. We do partner with larger providers from time to time on behalf of some of our customers, partly because they like dealing with us and they trust us. 

Our Details

Our details can be found below.

Registered Office

PC2Paper Limited
Level 3 207 Regent Street
United Kingdom

Reg. No: 09732668 (England & Wales)


If you would like to talk to us, please use the contact us form or you can email us at customerservice@pc2paper.co.uk