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Printing Tips

We have decided to put this guide together to better explain the printing process and to ensure you get the quality of print you are expecting.

My logo is not the right colour when printed, why?

We get this question quite a lot.

There is a big difference in the colour of imagery you see on your computer screen compared to what is actually printed. In the print industry printers will print in a format known as CMYK what you see on your computer screen is called RGB. This means if you have created a logo or used one that was designed from a website, it is very likely that this image is RGB. This means that when it is printed the colour may not come out as expected. 

How can I resolve the issue?

If a logo you are using for your letters is in colour we recommend you get a version of it created in CMYK format. Designers who work in print are usually able to provide you with a logo in this format. You also need to ensure that you use a high resolution image so it comes out correctly when printed. Not all colours that are available on your computer screen can be printed correctly on a printer and will take some trial and error to get right.

Word processors such as MS Word usually only produce RGB output, however if you generate a PDF from Word there are programs you can use to convert PDF's from word into CMYK PDFs. We highly recommend doing yourself some test prints first to ensure your logo comes out as you expect it to.

If you use our online editor to create your documents, ensure you upload a CMYK version of your logo as a JPEG file. 


I have tried making an image of my signature but it looks smudged

When making an image of your signature try using a medium black marker on a white sheet of paper. For best results copy your signature using a desktop scanner.