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Using our service abroad

Many of our customers use our service from some remote locations in the world. While our site should operate normally from these locations you may suffer some speed issues in accessing pages if the local Internet is not up to the job or intermittent. 

Other issues you may experience is adding funds to your PC2Paper account while out of the country. In order to help with this, we have put together a guide to explain what is happening and what you can do to mitigate these issues. 

Slow Internet

For cases where the Internet connection is intermittent or you are using satellite Internet connections, you may find using our Email to Letter Gateway an easier option. This interface will attempt to use the cheapest option to send your letter. 

Topping up your PC2Paper account

If you are operating from a remote location, it is possible you may also experience issues topping up your PC2Paper account with credit from these locations. Credit Card providers are very cautious when they see a card being used from a location that it is not usually used from and will often block the transactions. We often find customers using their cards from some locations in Asia, Africa and the Middle East having their cards declined. 

To get around these problems you could try some of the following. 

  • Inform your bank where you will be travelling so they know the transactions are to be expected. 
  • Top up your PC2Paper account with plenty of credit to cover the cost of sending your mail before you go abroad.
  • If you use PayPal try adding funds to your PayPal account before you travel as you may find adding funds to your PayPal account while abroad may not be possible with a credit card. If you have a bank account connected to your PayPal account, you may also find that this works better. 
  • If you are already abroad, you could get someone you trust to top up your account for you to get around the issue.
  • We have also been told by some of our customers who travel regularly that they make use of a UK based VPN service when travelling. While you can make use of a VPN to make it appear you are in the UK it is also a good way of staying secure and preventing any of your communications while abroad from being intercepted locally if you are on an Internet connection you may not trust such as a free Wi-Fi spot.