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Royal Mail Signed For


Please note, if you wish to send a letter via Royal Mail Signed For. It needs to be sent before 1PM.
My tracking number doesn't work: This is the most common question we get asked about Signed For Mail. Your tracking number will only work once your item of mail has been delivered. To find out more about the service, please read the details below. 

PC2Paper offers Royal Mails Signed For service. This section is here to make sure customers understand what this service is and what it is not. We have had several customers assume the service is guaranteed or that we personally deliver items of mail sent via this service. PC2Paper does not personally deliver items of mail sent via our service, items of mail in the UK are sent via Royal Mail who is the postal carrier for the United Kingdom. Our service is to print out your mail, place it into an envelope with postage and then enter it into the postage system in the same way that you might post a letter into a letterbox. 

What does the service provide?

Royal Mail Signed For is no different to sending your mail 1st Class. The only difference is that when your mail is delivered by Royal Mail a signature is obtained by the postman from the recipient to say they have received the item of mail. You can find out if your item of mail has been signed for online by visiting the Royal Mail website and using a tracking number we provide you with after paying for the service. The tracking number is sent to you via email, and can also be found in your PC2Paper account. 

Royal Mail Tracking Number

What does the service not provide?

  • Royal Mail Signed For is not a guaranteed service it is no faster than 1st class mail and will not get there any faster.
  • You will not be able to track the location of your item of mail from Royal Mails website. All you will be able to see from the website is when your item of mail has been delivered and a copy of the signature obtained when it has been delivered.
  • PC2Paper has no more control or information on an item of Signed For Mail than what you would do using the tracking number provided on Royal Mails website