What we collect when you view our site

Our site automatically logs IP addresses and referrals from other sites. We do this to monitor traffic and the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Signing up as a user

When you sign up as a user on our site the details collected from you are never passed/sold onto a third party or used in anyway other than to contact you occasionally (usually only by email) with a monthly newsletter of which you may opt out of. The details entered by you online are also used (under your instruction only) to provide reply addresses on letters sent by you using our site.

Any letters, cards and addresses submitted to us by yourself remain your property. We will neither divulge, sell or reuse this information in anyway unless expressly instructed by you.

Logging into the site and cookies

When logging into your PC2Paper account, the site places what is known as an encrypted cookie onto your machine. The only purpose of this cookie is to let the site know you are logged into the site and you are who you say you are. The cookie is not used for advertising and is deleted when you log off the site.

When making an online payment to us, your bank may place a cookie onto your machine when authenticating you to services such as Verified by Visa.

When making an online payment to us via PayPal or Nochex, PayPal or Nochex may place a secure cookie onto your machine when you authenticate to use their service.

We also make use of Google Analytics to monitor website usage. In this case Google will place a cookie onto your machine. No personally identifiable information is collected about you.

If you would like to learn more about cookies please visit the following site


Our site undergoes regular security scans to ensure we are PCI compliant. You can check our compliance by clicking on the Trustwave logo to the left of this page.

Secure details and SSL

The site uses a 2048bit encryption option. You may choose this level of encryption by selecting "Use secure server" just under the login box or you may visit the site with the url to activate it. All credit card transactions are conducted in 2048bit encryption regardless of if you choose this option or not.

Data Protection Act 1998

We adhere to the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office . If you require further information, please contact us