Terms and Conditions

PC2Paper refers to PC2Paper Ltd, Suite 48 88-90 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8PN, United Kingdom.

The user of the service is refered to as the customer. 

When you sign up for a PC2Paper account, you agree to the following conditions.

  1. Use of PC2Paper is completely at your own risk.
  2. You are not to send any letters via PC2Paper that violates any UK based law.
  3. PC2Paper will not be held responsible for letters that are lost/delayed by Royal Mail or other postal service in transit.
  4. PC2Paper will not be held responsible for any loss of business that is a result of using this service.
  5. PC2Paper reserves the right not to process letters it believes violates UK laws or would damage it as a business.
  6. PC2Paper is not responsible for the content of letters. However we will not accept explicit or inappropriate content such as pornography.
  7. The stationery of standard letters is subject to change at any time.
  8. PC2Paper may send out emails from time to time to notify its users of changes. Please note that we will never pass your email address onto mailing lists or external companies.
  9. PC2Paper reserves the right to revoke membership of its service if it has been deemed that the user is abusing, manipulating and defrauding the service or breaking any UK law in their use of the service. This includes Advanced Fee Fraud.
  10. PC2Paper will not divulge the details of customers sending letters from its service unless stated by law to do so.
  11. Cookies: When logging into your PC2Paper account, the site places what is known as an encrypted cookie onto your machine. The only purpose of this cookie is to let the site know you are logged into the site and you are who you say you are. The cookie is not used for advertising.

The service

Customers pay for the services PC2Paper provide by keeping an account topped up with money. When purchasing a service from PC2Paper, the service is paid for from this account.

Letter Sending

PC2Paper provides a service to send real letters from the Internet, PC2Paper is not a courier service and does not personally deliver letters. Letters are delivered via the local postal delivery service. The service paid for by the customer regarding letters is for the printing, inserting into envelopes, application of postage and the delivery to the local postal service provider for delivery to the customers intended recipient.

PC2Paper is not held responsible for mail that is lost by the local postal service as PC2Paper has no influence or control of the postal delivery network. PC2Paper will however at its discretion investigate items of mail that are continually being lost and inform users where it is known if postal delivery in certain areas have a low state of delivery by the local postal service.

Real Letterbox 

PC2Paper provides a service to receive real postal mail and read it from the Internet.

The service the user pays for is the following.

  • The rental of a postal address
  • The opening of mail that arrives at the above mentioned postal address and digitally scanning of said items of mail for application to the users account.
  • Depending on the users subscription choice the customer will either be 
    • Charged to read a scanned item of mail if they have chosen a subscription that states this or they have fallen outside of the monthly quota for their account if it has a quota based subscription.
    • If the user has opted for a subscription that includes a monthly quota, they will be able to read the item of mail from their account without extra charge, provided it falls within their monthly quota. 
  • The ability to access "paid for" or mail that falls within a subscription quota from the Internet via PC2Papers website as PDF documents. 

Refunds and Cancellations

Letter sending

As PC2Paper provides a service, it cannot offer a refund once a letter has been posted on behalf of the customer as the service may have already occurred by time we have been notified. 

If you change your mind and decide to cancel a letter, once it has been submitted but not yet processed. You may still be liable for the cost of printing and postage.

Real Letterbox

The Real Letterbox service is paid for in advance. If you decide to cancel your Real Letterbox service any remaining balance for service not used will be refunded. Any mail you have paid for outside of your subscription quota are non-refundable.

Closure of your account

If you decide you no longer require a PC2Paper account and wish to close your account. We will refund all remaining credit back to the payment method you used to credit your PC2Paper account and then close your account.