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The SOAP Letter API is our newest API and enables you to send letters with or without PDFattachments. 

Below are some examples on how to use our API which is a webservice in C# and PHP.

Please note that if you require an automated way of figuring out the cost of your letter or to work out the postage options for your letter. That you may want to use our Letter Pricing API first. 
If you are only sending one type of mail through our interface. You can look up what postage, paper and envelope codes to use by making use of our postage calculator. Once selecting the type of mail you would like to send, the calculator will list the API codes you will need below.
In order to use this API you will also need to make use of our list of country codes. We use this when selecting a country. For example the UK is represented by the code 1 and the USA 240.