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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about our API. We intend to add to this list as more questions are asked.

I have the API documentation what else do I need to access the API?

All you need is a PC2Paper account.

How do I get the API activated on my PC2Paper account?

The PC2Paper API interface is active on all PC2Paper accounts as standard

Do I have to pay a monthly fee for using the PC2Paper API interface?

No. As long as you have money in your PC2Paper account to cover the cost of sending letters the API interface will allow you to send letters. With certain accounts we allow the account to go into debt which can then be settled at the end of the month.

Will letters sent using the interface appear in my PC2Paper account when I log in?

Yes all letters sent via the API interfaces will appear in your PC2Paper account.

I really need to do a lot of tests. Is there a way I can do this without my PC2Paper account being charged every time I send through a test letter?

We have a test account available, please let us know if you wish to use this account. Letters submitted to this account are cleared out daily.

How do I work out the price of the letter before I send it first?

You will need to make use of our Letter Pricing API

Is there a way to be informed when my account balance is running low. We send a lot of letters and don't always log in to check.

You can setup an alert on your PC2Paper account to inform you when your account balance is running low. Log into your PC2Paper account select My Account -> My Details -> Notifications. Here you can enter an amount you wish the PC2Paper site to warn you your account has dropped below.

How do I work out the correct postage options to choose when sending my letter?

This can be achieved by using the Letter Pricing API. Alternatively if you would like us to work out the cheapest option for a given destination for you, you can make use of our Postage Calculator . From the Postage Calculator you can select the Postage, Paper, Print Type and Envelope and the calculator will display the API codes you would need to use for this below. If you need any further information on how to select the correct postage options for your letter please contact us.