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Form Post API

 Deprecated: Please note this API has been deprecated. The documentation has been provided for systems that still rely on its implementation.

The Form Post Interface (FPI) is our most popular because of how simple it is to setup. If you have ever created a backend form interface to integrate with services such as PayPal and World Pay then you already have most of the skills you need to use the FPI. Simply speaking the FPI accepts a form post from either a normal webpage or a back end server to authenticate you, you provide your PC2Paper username and password to it and that is how the site knows who to bill the cost of the letter to. To use the interface and to find out more you can download:-

  • PC2Paper API document - This document explains and contains examples of PC2Papers API's
  • Country.csv - This CSV file contains a list of countries with PC2Papers ID for that country.
  • Please note you will also need to look at the Letter Pricing API for what postage options to send using the FPI. Or if you are only sending one type of mail you can look up what API codes to use for postage, paper and envelope type by using the Postage Calculator which will display the API codes once you have selected your options.