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Letter Sending Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my letters take to get there?

UK First Class mail (while called a next day service by Royal Mail) can take anywhere between 1-3 working days (this excludes weekends and public holidays) to arrive. As delivery is dependent on Royal Mail we cannot guarantee when your letter will arrive. The cut off time for mail to be sent on the same working day is 3pm UK time. For Signed For and Special Next Day Delivery you will need to send your letter before 1pm UK Time. We do however reserve the right to impose booking slots for mailshots. 

  • Mail to Europe from the UK usually takes 3 to 4 days
  • Other parts of the world from the UK take 5 to 10 days.
  • Mail to the USA from the UK can take 5 to 10 days.
  • Mail to the USA from the USA is usually 2 to 3 days.
  • Mail to Canada from the USA is usually 3 to 4 days.
  • Mail to Germany from Germany is usually 3 to 4 days.
Please note there is no delivery available on a Saturday and Sunday, all mail sent on these days will be posted on the Monday

Is my address included on the envelope?

You have the option to choose if you want your address placed as a return address on your letter.


What kind of stationery are my letters printed on?

We have a range of printing options from standard paper to premium from DL to A4 envelopes. To see our selection, please use our letter cost calculator


Can I upload a PDF document instead of typing my letter online?

PC2Paper allows you to upload PDF documents to send as a letter and will automatically count the pages in your letter to work out the cost. You also have the option of writing your letter online and attaching PDFs to your letter


Do you place logo's or markings on letters I send via your service?

Mail sent via PC2Paper is not marked or branded in anyway unless you choose this option when sending your letter. Mail sent via our US printing partner however is marked.


How many pages can I have in my letter?

As many pages as you want. The cost of your letter is dynamically worked out by the amount of pages and weight. Please note that letters larger than 12 pages will be placed in larger envelopes.

Our USA based printing station currently has a 40 page upper limit.


I want to upload my address book is this possible?

Once you have logged into your PC2Paper account select your address book and follow the on screen instructions for uploading your address book. You can also take a look at the following blog article about uploading your address book


How private are my letters?

The staff at PC2Paper are forbidden from reading your letters. We would like to guarantee them as 100% private however people still need to pack the letters into envelopes


What is snail mail?

Snail mail was a slang term coined by early internet users for sending mail via the traditional postal service, such as Royal Mail or the US Postal service. Naturally this was slower than using email so hence the name "snail mail".


I want to send someone an anonymous letter. Can they trace it back to me?

We will never give the details of our letter senders out to anyone unless requested by law to do so. If a letter you have sent via our service has broken the law. UK law enforcement are able to trace the origin of the letter under section 29 of the Data Protection Act 1998.


Do you provide a mass mailing service?

We provide a bulk letter sending service which you can access from your PC2Paper account. From here you are able to send the same letter to multiple recipients. If you have created a mail merge in Microsoft Word you can upload that with an accompanying spreadsheet of your address data and we will send it for you. If you have bespoke requirements please contact us.


How much will my letter cost?

You can see how much your letter will cost with our Postage Calculator


Can I insert images in my letters?

Yes. You can upload images that can be included in your letter. You can also include them inside PDF documents you upload. Please note you should never paste images into the online editor from your desktop as they will not appear.


Can I email my letters to you?

We have an automated email to letter gateway. You will need to configure this from your account with the email address you intend to send your letters from.


Do I need to place my address in a specific place on the letter?

No. As we do not use windowed envelopes and print the address directly onto the envelope you can format your letter however you please.


Can I send documents via your service?

Yes. We support the sending of documents provided they are supplied in PDF format. Please ensure you select the A4 envelope option. You can find out more on how to send a PDF letter attachment online here.


Where do you send letters from and where can I send letter to using your service?

We send letters to all destinations worldwide from our UK printing station. 

You can also send letters from our German and USA printing station partners.

To find out how much it costs and what stationery is available please use our price calculator.

What destinations does your German printing station partner support?

Our German printing station partner is based in Munich and sends to the following destinations.


  • Germany


What destinations does your USA printing station partner support?

Our USA printing station partner is based in Virginia and sends to the following destinations


  • USA
  • Canada


What destinations does your UK printing station support?

We send to all destinations worldwide including those mentioned above. 



Royal Mail Signed For

We have a section on our site dedicated to Royal Mail Signed For, you can find it here.