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For your Business

We've been working with businesses for over 10 years. From tradesmen who send out bills to law firms, medical, hosting, financial, universities and large corporations but to name a few. 

Why PC2Paper?

We understand how different companies or sole traders have different needs and we try to cater to those and if we don't think we are the right fit for you from the beginning we will tell you so.

We find many customers choose us because we can offer them something the other providers can't. 

To use our service you won't need to format your mail in a special way, that's because we don't use windowed envelopes (unless there is a need for us to do so). 

We do not place markings on the pages in your letter.

In addition to the standard delivery types of mail we also offer. 

  • Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery 
  • Royal Mail Signed for
If the type of mail you will be sending with us is sensitive, we can sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. 

How do I know if PC2Paper is right for me?

The best way to see if we are the right fit for you is to try out our service. There is no monthly commitment. PC2Paper works on a Pay-As-You-Go approach. If our services doesn't meet your needs there are no obligations or contracts you can just walk away.

All of your postal mail in one place

With PC2Paper you can have all of your mail in one place, not only can you send mail using our service you can also opt for our Real Letterbox service and receive postal mail which can be read online.

All your postal mail in one place

Dropbox and Google Drive Support

We know some companies like to use Dropbox and Google Drive for their files and with PC2Paper you can connect directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive account when sending mail via our site.

Send with Dropbox

Our APIs

Our Application Interfaces allow your systems to automatically send your mail via ours.

If you use Microsoft Power Automate we have a guide on how you can use our RESTFull API with Microsoft Power Automate.