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Why we do not accept throw away email addresses

We fully understand why some customers would like to use a throw away email address with us. You don't know us yet and you probably have no idea if we will use your real email address to spam you. So we thought we would explain why and how we have been affected by them.

What we use your email address for

When you sign up for a PC2Paper account we send you an email to confirm you have signed up for an account. We also send you emails for the following reasons.

  • To confirm a letter you have written on our website has been sent
  • To help remind you of your password if you forget it
  • To respond to you when you have a query
  • To warn you (if you choose this option) if your account balance is getting low
  • To warn you (if you choose this option) if your mailbox subscription will be ending soon

Occasionally we may send out a newsletter, however you have the option to not receive these

The reason

We believe there is a place for disposable email addresses however we do not believe that is with our service. Many disposable email address providers do not provide logins to their service. That means when using an email address with them if anyone guesses the email address you are using on your account with us they can read email from that account and technically gain access to your PC2Paper account by using the forgotten password function and any letters you may have written in your PC2Paper account.

If anyone guesses your disposable email address they can contact us pretending to be you. If you think about the security implications involved you can appreciate where we are coming from.

If you sign up with us and decide our service is not for you, just tell us. We'll be sad to see you leave but we will close your account for you.