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Fraud Aware

We are a fraud aware merchant. We are particularly aware of 419/Advanced Fee Fraud and Investment Scam Fraud. We will refuse business from individuals or organisations we believe are breaking the law and conducting such activities.

What is Advanced Fee Fraud?

Advanced Fee Fraud, is basically the paying up front of money in exchange for the promise of wealth, gifts or prizes. You can find out more on this scam from the Action Fraud Site

What does being 419 Aware mean?

For PC2Paper it means

  • We will not process or send any letters we believe to be Advanced Fee Fraud.
  • We will report such behaviour to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau.
  • We will contact issuing banks if we believe stolen credit cards have been used.

For you it should mean:

Any email, letters, fax or phone calls you receive claiming you have won large amounts of money or a prize should be treated with scepticism especially if you do not remember entering a prize draw.

Remember if you are asked to pay a processing fee for receiving money or a prize. It could possibly be a scam.

If you are in doubt contact the Action Fraud website or Google the name of the organisation. If its fraudulent people are probably talking about it in forums already.

Investment Scam Fraud

Investment Scam Fraud is a large subject and you can read more about it from the Financial Conduct Authority website in particular these are the most common forms of Investment Scam Fraud

  • Share Fraud and Boiler room scams - This type of fraud usually tries to pressure sell you worthless or non existent shares over the phone
  • Get rich quick scams
  • Land Banking scams
  • Carbon Credit Trading

Fraud in general

We don't just stop at 419 Fraud and Investment Fraud, we will refuse any business we believe to be fraudulent.

I have been affected by fraud what can I do?

If you have been affected by fraud you can report it using the Action Fraud website

If you have any questions on our policy, please contact us