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Real Letterbox prices


Occasional User

Regular User

Description Pay for mail as it arrives For users with regular mail
Subscription £29.99 per year £60 per year
Free Items of mail per month 0 30
Max number of pages per month 0 60
Download to Google Drive    YES

Occasional User Plan

If you don't think you will be a regular user of our service you can go for our Occasional User Plan. With this plan you pay for mail as it arrives.

The cost of your letter is worked out on how many pages there are to scan. So a 1 page letter will cost you 50p to read online. We also charge a yearly renewal fee of £29.99 for this plan. Please see the section below "How much am I charged to read an item of mail"

Regular User plan

For regular users you can sign up to our Regular User Plan for £60 a year. This entitles you to a maximum of 30 scanned items of mail per month which can total no more than 60 pages per month. There is no setup fee and you are entitled to one free alias on your mailbox account. Any mail that goes over your quota will be treated as a Pay As You Go mail item which you can pay for separately. Pricing for Pay As You Go items are in the table below.

How much am I charged to read an item of mail?

If you are an occasional user you will be charged once when wanting to read an item of mail. If you are a Regular user and go over your monthly allowance you will be charged in the same way. The cost of your letter is worked out using the sliding scale below.

Pages Price
1 - 10 50p
11 - 20 £1
21 - 30 £2
31 - 40 £3
41 - 50 £4

So for example if you have a 2 page letter that arrives you will be charged 50p to read it. You will only be charged once to read your letter and can read it as many times as you want after. If you choose not to read your letter then you will not be charged to read it. 

How do I signup?

Look at our pricing plans first and then sign up for a PC2Paper account. From within your PC2Paper account you can then choose which Real Letterbox service you would like to subscribe to.

Additionally you can use your PC2Paper account for sending letters from the Internet.

If you have any questions you may found our Frequently Asked Questions sections may hold the answer.