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Business Savings


Initially when people first cost our service to see if it makes sense to use us instead of doing their mailings inhouse. Sometimes they forget some vital costs that need to be factored into the equation. We'd love to have you use our service and we understand that you as a business need to work out these costs yourself so we have put down some things that should be considered. These rules could apply to any mailing solution you go with, be it online or on premise.

Staff Time

This part is often missed out. If you process mail yourself, it will tie up a member or more of your staff while they could be helping your customers. 

Printer running and maintenance costs

Printers cost money to run and maintain if you have large printers, you will probably be paying a printer maintenance firm to maintain your printers for you. 


Stationery often gets overlooked. To send letters you will need to purchase paper and envelopes. 


To send your mail you will need to pay for postage. There are many ways you can pay for posting your mail. You can rent a franking machine and a franking machine maintenance contract or you could use postage stamps. If you send larger letters you will need to weigh your mail so will need postage scales or if you have a more advanced franking machine you can probably use those. If your letters weigh more than the cost of a First Class stamp or you send mail overseas, you will need to have many different denominations of stamps to make up for the weight of your letter. You can always send a member of staff to the post office and have them wait in line to send your mail, but that member of staff is then not taking care of your customers.

Mail Collection

If you are not near a post office or a post box or you send recorded or signed for items of mail and you process your mail on premise you will need to pay for a postal collection. Weekday mail collections from Royal Mail cost as much as £1,792