How do I send a letter?

1) Select the type of letter

Use the the "Write a letter" menu in the main menu above this page. From here you can choose if you would like to send a mail shot (letter to many people) or a single letter (letter to one person).

2) Enter the recipients address

Enter the address of the recipient of the letter and the sender address (this is your address, also known as the return address). The sender address will usually be printed onto the top right hand corner of the letter.

3) Write your letter or upload one (or both)

With PC2Paper you have the option to write your letter online using our rich text editor ,upload a letter as a PDF that you had prepared earlier or do both.

3a) Write a letter online

To write a letter online click the "Write Letter" button in the dialogue box (illustrated below). You can now write your letter online. Continue to step 3b if you wish to attach a PDF to your letter. If you wish to only send a PDF you can ignore this step completey and go to step 3b.

3b) Attach a PDF

To attach a PDF to your letter. Click on the "PDF Attachments" tab and click on the "Attach PDF" button.

From here you can attach multiple PDF's to your document, you also choose if you wish to write a cover letter online to go with your PDF's

4) Sending your letter

Please note that at any stage in the letter writing process, you can hit the preview button to see what your letter will look like. When you are happy with your letter, click the send button and should see the screen below.

From here you can select the postage options you wish to use to send your letter, on choosing an option the site will automatically work out the cost of your letter. Note the site also shows a preview of your letter below. Once you are happy with your selection hit the "Pay and send" button.