How to insert an Image

Step 1

Click on the icon shown below
image showing where the image insert button is located.

Step 2

In the dialogue that appears you can choose to upload an image or to use a previous image you may have uploaded.

You also have the option to change the size of the image and how it is aligned in the text. Please note the site will automatically reduce the width of the image if it is too large to fit onto the page. It is also important to use the preview button so you can see how your image will fit onto the page.
how to insert an image

When you have chosen an image hit OK and the image will be inserted into your document.

Step 3

Once your image is inserted you can resize the image by clicking on it and then on the image insert icon (as shown in step 1).

Step 4

After you are happy with your image hit the Preview button (found at the very top or bottom of the page) to ensure it will print correctly
how to insert an image

More useful tips about images below

Images in text

As you can see in the image below, we have reduced the size of the image and dragged it to the start of our text. In the example below you can see we have aligned the image to the left and set a HSpace and VSpace of 10 pixels around the image to give it a margin. To get the dialogue box seen below select the image with the mouse and then click on the image icon button from the toolbar (as per step 1)
how to insert an imagehow to insert an image